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At GSG Architecture our passion for design is always channeled through the image of our clients. We recognize that each project and client is unique, and we strive to represent that individual identity in each of our projects. Our work is a reflection of your image, not our own, and we take pride in ensuring that outcome every time.

Eastern Wyoming College Arts Facility


We believe that Architecture is about more than image. At its core, good design is the result of an engaged and responsive process which takes its clues from the site, the environment, and most importantly, the needs and aspirations of the client. It is the realization of a collaborative and purposeful vision.


No matter how complex the project, the GSG process and our commitment to working with you will remain the same. We will listen; we will learn; and we will lead. We won’t assume that we know what’s best for you, but we will ask the right questions, build consensus, and guide your project from programming through construction. The measure of our success is your success.

Bubble Diagram


What do you want to be and where can this project take you? Be limitless, think better, not just bigger.

Virtual Building


What does better look like? We will help you imagine it and our design will always be based on your vision.

Office Under Construction


How does it happen? From the earliest programming effort to the day you move in, we are advocates for your success.


GSG Architecture has a long and successful history of partnering with other Architectural firms to answer the specific needs of our clients. As advocates for success on all our projects, we maintain an open mind and an inquisitive nature, and we welcome the opportunity to work with others who share that outlook. We look forward to the opportunity combine talents and share ideas in the service of our clients.

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