Converse County School District No. 2, Grant Elementary 2017-04-20T15:41:39-06:00

Project Description

Completed in 2007 the new Grant Elementary School in Glenrock, Wyoming offers approximately 48,000 square feet of modern and much needed educational space to the people of Converse County School District No. 2. The school’s radial layout provides for improved functionality, security and efficiency while still allowing for potential expansion and future developments in the educational process.

The school features a large sky lit media center which serves as the educational and functional hub of the building. Classroom wings and core functions such as the gymnasium, multipurpose room, computer laboratory and administrative offices are arranged around this focal point so as to provide complimentary access and short travel distances within the building. The design recognizes the latest research in education which proposes the need for a quality indoor environment as a means to foster better learning.

Owner: Converse County School District No. 2
Sq. Ft.: 48,000 sf
Cost: $ 9.5M
Completion Date: November 2007

Project Details