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GSG Architecture offers a broad range of architectural, engineering, management. and investigative services. Our clients include Healthcare, Municipal Government, Higher and K-12 Education, Justice, and other Civic Institutions, and of course, private enterprise ventures such as Hospitality, Retail and Purpose Built and Spec Offices as well as specialty structures of all kinds.


Architecture doesn’t make the sun rise or put stars in the sky, but it can make your life better. Architecture can help attract and retain the best employees and students, improve test scores, patient outcomes, and worker productivity, making your business more efficient and profitable. Let us show you how.


This is about more than picking colors. We work with you to organize your spaces in a way that will create a lasting and positive impression on your clients while improving your efficiency and the satisfaction of those who work with you and for you.


Failure to plan is a plan for failure. Trite, perhaps, but definitely true. GSG Architecture has been working for years with local governments and institutions large and small to devise phased building plans and campus master plans that plot a course for attainable, sustained growth. Let us help you make the highest, best use of your resources.


GSG Architecture offers in-house Structural Engineering services. When possible, we will use our engineering staff to support our architectural projects, but we are happy to provide this as a stand-alone service as well. We also provide structural analysis of existing buildings.


Building and renovation projects can be daunting, but we can help you through it. As Owner’s Representative, we will lift the burden and work with you and your design and construction teams to help ensure that you receive the highest value and best quality for you project dollars.

GSG Architecture also offers an array of building evaluation, feasibility studies, and site selection studies that can help you make the informed choices necessary for a successful project.