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Project Description

The Central Wyoming Hospice in Casper was the first in-patient hospice constructed in Wyoming. The original facility, built in 1997, consisted of a 4,500 sq. ft. office building and a separate 5,300 sq. ft. home. It was necessary for the design to incorporate medical and life safety code requirements into a facility that needed to be soft, warm and comfortable for twelve inpatients. In 2006, it became apparent that the program needed to expand to accommodate a growing and changing population in Central Wyoming and an addition/ renovation to the facility was designed and constructed. It consisted of three parts which expanded patient care and administrative areas as well as significantly upgrading HVAC function with the addition of a new central plant.

Owner: Central Wyoming Hospice
Sq. Ft.: 15,000 new construction and additions; 11,250 renovated spaces
Cost: $7.2M
Completion Date: September 2009

Central Wyoming Hospice & Transitions

Project Details