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Project Description

The project, completed in the fall of 2019, was designed to house the new Advanced Manufacturing Program which provides training for students
in the fields of robotics, electronics, advanced manufacturing, and fast prototyping technology such as 3D Printing.

The goal of the project was greater than just providing a space for the work to take place. Our mission was to generate a sense of pride and excitement about the program and to encourage students as they prepare to meet the challenges of the increasingly diversified and technologically sophisticated job market.

The project contains open areas for experimentation supported by overhead electrical and compressed air distribution systems, as well as more focused and noise-controlled instructional environments. We have provided increased sightlines to invite observation and encourage participation. Building systems are exposed to view providing additional teaching opportunities, and also to create an industrial aesthetic that reflects the work being done and the goals of the program.

Through this program, students have the opportunity to earn postsecondary credit as well as industry certifications from Aims Community College. Through participation in Advanced Manufacturing internships, pre-apprenticeships with local industry partners, students graduate with
the skills and experience to be workforce ready.

This project was funded by multiple grants, donations, and associations with local, private businesses who all came together to provide this specialized learning opportunity for students. Contributor’s included the Daniels Fund, the Joe Carter Success Foundation, Vestas, and Aims Community College Advanced Manufacturing Department.

Owner: Weld County School District 6

Size: 3,600 sq. ft.

Completion: 2019

Project Details